Dux Ducis Leather Strap Apple Watch 4/5/6/7/8/SE 40/41mm brown (Enland Version)

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Apple Watch Quilted Leather Strap (Enland Version) Customize the look of your Apple Watch however you like. The removable leather strap will give the whole styling a new expression. It is a durable accessory made of cowhide leather that effectively emphasizes and creates a tasteful style, and in addition, as a result of natural processes, changes over time. Specification: Material: natural cow leather, aluminum Highlights of the Apple Watch Dux Ducis Enland Version Quilted Leather Strap: Easy assembly - the strap has been designed to be easily and quickly put in place. The slingshot does not require any tools and can be carried out at home. Solid materials - pleasant to the touch and effective quilted cowhide leather is a guarantee of quality for years. The strap will not fray or tear, making it an option for the most demanding users. Timeless design - The cowhide of the strap changes over time. It is a natural process that results in a unique texture and shades. This is how a unique accessory is created.